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Dairyland Packaging offers one of the widest arrays of packaging solutions in marketplace. We can provide any major style of multiwall bag, and specialize in customizing packaging specific to your application. Click the Read More button to see some of the options we supply.

Pinch Bottom Open Mouth (PBOM): Hot melt adhesive applied to both ends of the bag and the factory end is sealed. Customer end is sealed after filling by reheating the hot melt. Common uses: dairy, chemicals, flour, pet food, litter, etc.

Pasted Valve (PV): Both ends of the bag are pasted closed with customer end incorporating an opening to allow filling. Bags are often micro-perforated to allow air relief. Common uses: cement, absorbents, chemicals, clays, lime and minerals.

Sewn Open Mouth (SOM): Gusseted or flat-tube, bags are sewn shut on the factory end. Filling is done by gravity or compression. Common uses: birdseed, feed, cat litter, sugar, seeds and  bakery mixes.

Pasted Open Mouth Pinch Top (POMPT): Factory end is pasted satchel style bottom with an open end flush cut well suited for a drop filling. Common uses: dairy, bakery, feed, flour, and seed.

Block Bottom Bags (POMT)

Pasted Open Mouth Z-Fold (POMZ)

Self Opening (SOS): A gusseted bag with a pasted block bottom ideal for retail applications. Common uses: pet food, charcoal, bakery mixes and retail displays.

Woven Polypropylene (WPP): A woven design for higher tensile strength offering a highly puncture-proof packaging. Common uses: livestock feed, horticultural uses, cat litter, pet food, and seeds.


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